Child marriage- what does it mean?

UN Says


 According to the United Nations, 37,000 girls under the age of 18 are married each day worldwide.  We may think that this is a problem that happens far, far away and so we should focus our campaigning efforts on changing the law on other continents.  But let us look to our own doorstep first ...  

Here in Canada


 Here, within Canada, between 2000 and 2018 there were 3,382 marriage licenses involving minors issued Canada-wide.  And 429 of those were within BC .

Let's run with it


 So we have decided to begin a campaign to get the law changed here as our priority, to a minimum of 18 years old, no exceptions.  Marriage comes under provincial legislation, so we will be campaigning to change the BC Marriage act. 

Taking On Child Marriage in Norway

Zonta says no to child marriage. Trouble is, so many people think it "only happens somewhere else". We were surprised to see that BC legislation enables marriage under 18 in some cases. Lina Fonstad tells us how, at 16, she realized legislation in Norway needed some updating and - this is what she did....